コーヒー "Kōhī" (Nippon Coffee)


Product Description

This coffee is curated and roasted to replicate a traditional Japanese coffee. Complex and comforting as a hot cup of “Kōhī” (coffee) or makes an amazing Kyoto style cold brew (Cold Brew Recipe). Majority dark roast with a special blend of medium profile South American origins.

Our inspiration for this coffee is the 1920’s Jazz Cafes in Japan called “Jazz Kissa”. Japan placed a post-war import ban on coffee until 1950s, since they lifted the ban, coffee continues to gain popularity in Japan.

Coffee was written in kanji "珈琲" because the branch of red coffee beans resembles the "kanzashi" a special type of tiara or pin that Japanese women wear traditionally that looks like a coffee bean plant stem with cherry. Modern coffee in Japan is called “Kōhī”(コーヒー).

Even one may notice that Japanese adapted English terms for their coffee industry, such as “roast,” “drip,” “americano,” or “latte,” instead of inventing using their language.

Most coffee in Japan, much like America is served to-go, a fast pace culture that often turns to coffee instead of tea more often in the modern world.