1p39xwpd.jpg Hillbilly Farms Bakery

"Without the knowledge and expertise of Jeremy, our bakery would not have been able to successfully start serving a full coffee menu to our customers. I contacted him after viewing a news piece highlighting his local roasting business, which ended up being the best decision ever to reach out! Right from the start, he was immediately responsive. He continually addresses any concerns or questions we have regarding his products and also helped us to understand our particular brewing machine and techniques.
    He created us a signature house drip blend and our espresso bean blend. The first sample batches for both we tested, we felt needed a little tweaking to allow all of us to enjoy the coffee notes equally, since some of us like a light roast and others a dark. He took all of our individual requests and came back with both products that were just perfect. I feel he truly has a gift or as I like to call it, he works a bit of “magic” with the coffee beans!! We have customers that come to our bakery just to be able to enjoy a cup of his signature coffee. Trust me, contact Jeremy for the best experience overall with customer service and products he creates!" ~ Rasha Lowe

City of Zephyrhills

"Jeremy, the owner of Beast Master Coffee, is a visionary whose passion for coffee and community has made him one of the most influential figures in our city. His relentless hard work and dedication have not only led to tremendous success for his own business but have also uplifted and supported multiple other businesses, helping them thrive in our community. Jeremy's commitment to excellence and his innovative spirit have truly made a lasting impact on the areas culture and economy." ~ Antwon Gildan

Aviation Coffee

"Jeremy has been great to work with and has far exceeded any expectations I’ve had. He is great at what he does, answers all my questions and goes out of his way to make sure I understand everything. The coffee and espresso roast he made for us at Aviation Coffee turned out perfect. After the roast was completed, he drove an hour to us to drop it off, set up our machine and made sure my wife and I knew how to pull the perfect shot of espresso. On top of all that, he’s just a really great guy, (and disc golfer), and someone I would already call a friend. I really cant say enough good things about him. I’m excited for the future, and I know with Beast Master in our corner, we will be unstoppable!" ~ Chris Morgan

Personal Chef

"Jeremy has been such a great friend for so many years. His ethics and creativity are just two attributes that resonate brightly when I think of him. We met and worked together as Chef's many years ago running a busy restaurant; and it's been no surprise for me to watch his passions shift and evolve into the craft of coffee roasting— and health beneficial creations.  Knowing him and having a chance to see behind the scenes of how he crafts what he produces, meticulously sources everything, and the time he spends committed to relationship building is filled with inspiration. Whenever I see some of his coffee in a local place I smile." ~ Bryan Gallagher

Tactic MMA

"As a mixed martial artist finding the healthiest nutrition is extremely important to me. Knowing the Beast Master coffee sources it's coffee from high elevation and healthy environment ensures I am getting clean beans from the start. Also know Jeremy, the owner, is himself a very health-conscious nutritionist gives me even more confidence in Beast Master products from the whole coffee to the mushroom coffee and hot cocoa, which I will be ordering for my kids. My four kids are wrestlers and knowing Jeremy was a wrestler from 5 years into adulthood gives me even more confidence in his determination to keep his brand at the healthiest level achievable. By far this is the smoothest coffee I have drank with a great morning kick!" ~ Van Vo

Disc Golf with Sig

"I first met Jeremy while vending next to him at an event. He was selling his coffee and I was selling dyed disc golf discs. We got along immediately, traded discs for coffee, got each other’s contact info and discussed possible future collaborations. It wasn’t long before we made a custom run of discs that I dyed with the Beast Master logo, which was really fun! Since meeting him, I have been very impressed with Jeremy, his family and his passions. Every project he steps into gets the attention it deserves and is handled with care and precision in every step. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented coffee roaster, and that just scratches the surface of who the Beast Master is as a person. Any potential clients or collaborators can rest assured that Jeremy will treat you like family." ~Thomas Sig Batten

Tiny Houses Zephyrhills

"We have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy and Beast master Coffee Roasters since 2020. He developed a bespoke coffee blend as well as unique packaging we could offer to our vacation rental guests. Each guest receives a locally roasted package of coffee grounds to enjoy during their stay or take home as a souvenir. It is so important for our guests to have an opportunity to support local businesses when they book with us. Working with Jeremy has allowed that opportunity to happen. He truly cares about his community and local small businesses. He is passionate and knowledgeable about the coffee process from start to finish! We are fortunate to have partnered with someone who holds their product and professional relationships to high standards as Jeremy does!" ~ Christine

Dayton Rugby

"Whether it’s engaging with small businesses through various partnerships or collaborating with other creatives in the local community, Jeremy is always looking for new opportunities to share his passion for a healthy lifestyle through his quality brand of coffee. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to share his expertise with his customers. He oversees every step of the process and crafts an exceptional line of products. The mushroom coffees are a foundational part of my daily routine, not only for the health benefits but also for the beautiful flavors and complex character of each cup. In addition, I always look forward to sharing the seasonal and specialty coffees with family and friends. I genuinely appreciate the care and dedication to such a high quality product which is fundamental to this family owned business. Beast Master Coffee products are a true labor of love." ~Nancy Tracey

Florida Avenue / Brew Bus Brewery

 "It is always a pleasure to work with Jeremy and Beast Master coffee. Jeremy helped pick the right origin and roast level to pair perfectly with our beers and the flavor Profile we were trying to achieve. He's my go-to coffee guy" ~ Kevin Butler

Smoke Signals

"I collaborated with Jeremy, offering his delectable coffee at my retail location for several years. Customers appreciated the local roasting and pickup options at our store, which aligns with Seminole Heights' emphasis on supporting small businesses and keeping it local." ~Jason Newman

Hope Concepts / Get Sent Coffee

"Jeremy is absolutely a fantastic business owner and a person as well. Seriously very professional and very good teacher and instructor!" ~Nick

 Dade City Womans Club

"I first met Jeremy when I worked for a local specialty food and gift store that carried his coffee. He carefully curates each batch of roasted beans. Not only is his coffee amazing it is low acid making it easier for people with digestive health issues to consume. He has tremendous knowledge about coffee, nutrition, farming, business, and so much more. He teaches classes about coffee and sustainability in business practices. If he isn’t familiar with something he will learn about it and excel. He has a passion for health and wellness that is the center of everything he does. Because of that I will forever be a customer of his amazing coffee!" ~ Jamie Klucine

Auton's Acres

"We had the honor of meeting Jeremy several years ago at his former coffee shop and had the even greater honor of calling him friend. Watching him, his business, and his family grow into Beast Master Coffee. This coffee and Jeremy's education has changed the way we drink coffee and helped us discern our coffee sources. We are looking forward to collaborating in the future with him to create our own special blend for our new venture. Thank you Jeremy! Love your coffee! As I always say, "It's the only one that doesn't make my feet itch!" ~ Bea Addison

Cactus Hat Mushrooms

 "Jeremy has transformed my gourmet mushrooms into a fantastic value added product for my farm. He is flexible and knowledgeable about food chemistry and knew exactly how to pair my mushrooms with the right type of coffee. Working with him has been a hands off experience for my business and he is extremely easy to work with." ~ Joseph Iovino

Puzzle Piece Flooring

"Jeremy has become a close friend over the last few years for a number of reasons but it began over coffee. It's amazing what little we as consumers know about what we're putting into our body. Jeremy pulled me from my iced sugar coffee days and taught me the ways of the coffee Jedi and I've never looked back. I've had the pleasure of sampling numerous of his robust roasts, even having a roast of my very own put into production. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future and our growing friendship! Health is wealth and coffee helps!!" ~ Kelly Bishop

Custom Wedding Coffee

 “If I could only choose one brand of coffee for the rest of our lives - it would be Beast Master. From the first time I tried it, I knew I’d be comparing everything afterward to Jeremy’s coffee. My wife and I tend to try whatever new option he has available, because we haven’t had one yet we didn’t LOVE.” ~ JJ Ashcraft

IT Nerd / Foody

"If meticulously crafted quality, and the attention to EVERY detail are what floats your boat... punch your ticket, and enjoy the trip.  I've been purchasing boutique small batch coffee beans from Jeremy for over 6 years now.  Although I do enjoy testing/tasting beans from different locations/vendors, I ALWAYS come back to Beast Master Coffees for my perfect cup of joe.  The flavor profiles, caffeine delivery, and even the after taste are just spot on.  Jeremy has performed all the research, and experimentation to perfect his offerings, and it shows.  As the testimonials below also highlight, Jeremy is a highly intelligent, innovative and conscientious person who approaches his bean selection and roasting process with the motivation of a mad scientist.  One bag.  That is all you will need to understand how much you are missing out on with those high dollar Starbucks coffees.  As an IT professional, coffee is in our tool kit, and part of our everyday existence... Beast Master Coffee provides just the edge I need, and delivers it in an absolutely delicious way." ~ Darin Carson