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  • Shroom Spice

    Lions mane mushroom, salt, garlic, saffron, oregano, black pepper, coffee & turmeric We hand pre…

  • Decaf Shroom Tea

    Lions mane mushroom, South African "Red Bush" decaf Rooibos tea & dried lemon peel. Locally grow…

  • Gemini

    Gemini are twins forever intertwined in the universe, one in the same but yet a world of differences…

  • Guru

    A Guru is a teacher, mentor, guide, expert and/or master in a particiular field knowledge. We have t…

  • Terra Mater

    Terra Mater the original guardian deity of Earth and by extension the globe itself. Protector and mo…

  • Sumatra - Light

    County: Indonesia Region: North Sumatra Variety: Rasuna Hybrid Elevation: 1500m Process:Wet Hulled R…

24 of 39 Items